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The DBA program is Travel and Showcase Baseball at its finest! We provide an enriched culture of baseball, alongside technology based training and elite level coaches. Our athletes possess a growth mindset to excel in both physical and mental aspects of the game. Our spirit is contagious and we ignite the fields on which we play!                                             

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2021 Off-Season Training Program


DiMaria Baseball Academy offers customized training and private lessons to all baseball and softball players! Sessions will enhance your skills and help you achieve athletic excellence for the upcoming 2021 season.


Our indoor academy is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and elite level coaches for those who want to enhance their skill sets. All are welcome to participate!


DBA athletes are currently engaged in off season training. This season extends from December until March. Each week, athletes grow bigger, faster, stronger and more rotationally explosive while developing mental strength and a growth oriented mind set.


These focused sessions are according to age groups and held at our indoor facility in Greensboro. Our training encompasses the whole athlete - physical, mental, and skill set. Our foundation is scientifically driven with a high level of passion. 


Check out our results below! 

All are welcome to be part of our success.


COVID regulations and provisions have been made for the safety of all athletes and families in attendance.


For more information about our training program, or to get your athlete involved, please reach out to Coach Dean at 336-447-8070 or click the button below!


Last Years DBA Customized Baseball Trainings

Produced Amazing Results!! 

  • The team is continuing to give relentless effort at our training sessions!! It is all about them competing with themselves for improvement in athletic movement techniques/form (i.e running) and growth in their strength, speed, quickness, mobility/flexibility and rotational explosiveness. 

  • Highlights at the conclusion of Phase 1 Trainings

    • Flexibility/Mobility improved +45%

    • Explosive Rotation improved +29%

    • Strength improved with Push Ups +41%

    • Core with Sit Ups +18%

    • Running times reductions 

DBA 4 You Virtual Development Program 


We worked hard to provide the boys with a small slice of normalcy during these uncharted times plus a comprehensive development program. 


#1. Zoom Team Meetings:​

  • It was great to see the student athletes, have some fun and for them to see their teammates plus development time. 

#2. Mental:

  • Completed 25 Student of the Game Questionnaires 

  • Really helped the players with their general baseball knowledge and areas specific to DBA. 

#3. Physical:

  • 21 Day Fitness Challenge

  • 70 70 10/ 90 90 10 Sprint Challenge 

#4. Skills: 

  • 1 on 1 Zoom Sessions

  • At home development hitting, pitching, throwing and training with the use of live technology and videos!!


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Spring/Summer Practice Schedule Will Be Realeased February 1st, 2021

*** All practices at Colfax Practice Field weather permitting ***





Selfless Teammate

Were you ACES today?


Coach just some thoughts I have that I wanted to share with you.  I have never met a baseball coach with as much passion, positive energy, with constructive feedback to improve young men in baseball and life as you have.  You have truly been a blessing to my boys and my family.  Thank you!  We really appreciate you!  May God continue to bless you and your family! 



My son has just recently joined the DBA family. Our experience so far is nothing short of amazing. Coach Dean focuses on the growth of his players both on and off the field. The strength and conditioning training is second to none! It is baseball specific training that pushes all the players to their limit in order to truly make them better ball players. Not only do they work on the physical side of the game but the mental aspects as well. They instill a positive, never give up, never quit attitude! DBA's focus is to prepare these young athletes for the next level of their baseball career. Like any top notch program we all want to win but that is not the number one priority at DBA. The focus at DBA is to get their players into the best possible physical and mental condition to be successful. To put them in the best possible position to take the next step in their baseball career whether that is high school or at the collegiate level. In a short period of time I have seen so much growth in my son. His confidence is growing daily and I have seen a rejuvenation for his love of the game that he had lost! I can't thank Coach Dean, and the entire DBA organization enough for putting together such a top notch organization. If you have a son that has a true passion for the game, a great work ethic and is looking to become a better player both physically and mentally I highly recommend reaching out to Coach Dean!

- D. Nix


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